i prefer the term “snowpocalypse”

February 11, 2010

Holy hook echo, I got a ton of hits yesterday. Relatively speaking. (25.) And only one of them was from facebook. What, did word-of-mouth decide suddenly to take effect again, yesterday? or is it one person continually typing in johnholland.wordpress.com twenty-four times?

Whatever the case, we’re right in the middle of quite the historic winter. Our nation’s capital has shut down, the Federal Government frozen solid. Now look who might get up to a half foot of snow:

Mobile, Alabama could get at least an inch or two.

I bet James Spann is flipping out.


One Response to “i prefer the term “snowpocalypse””

  1. EJ Says:

    Hah, fun link. You might be interested to know that we haven’t had a half foot of snow yet this season, I don’t think; out of the ordinary.

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