day out of time

August 31, 2010

I’ve come full circle. Having graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science, I am living upstairs at my grandparents’ house, where my mom and I first moved when my parents split up 12 1/2 years ago. Borrowed my granddad’s Chevy Silverado (Ol’ Blue) to move my belongings from Bowling Green to Nolensville, the same truck I rode with him in when they were moving from Lawrenceburg to Nashville back in 1994. Boxes and miscellany were stacked between him and me in the cab of the truck, and at some point he noticed I stopped talking. He lifted up a lampshade and I was fast asleep, worn out from running up and down the stairs of their old house to help fetch things for them.

That truck is older than I am. It’s an ’84 model, whereas I’m an ’87 (and I didn’t come with cupholders).

Here’s some random pictures for your enjoyment.

This is the mini-supercell that helped me get my degree:

Two friends who have had an enormous impact on the last 5 1/2 years:

We had just finished a show at The Muse. Tyler is holding a bottle of cough medicine, Christian a cup of beer, and I don’t know what I’m holding.

This is my mugshot from when I was arrested last year for public intoxication:

I hope this doesn’t bar me from employment, but I should point out it’s pretty much the least trouble you have to be in to go to jail. Some could even argue it’s essential to the college experience. I spent six hours in the drunk tank (with someone I discovered went to my high school, coincidentally) and was fined $209. What upsets me most is two months later, a WKU professor was fatally stabbed in the parking lot of the BG Rec. Center, and as far as I know the case is still open. They don’t even have a suspect. Perhaps if BGPD spent less time busting drunk kids walking home from parties they could help fight real crimes.

In case you’re wondering, this is the image I used for my chatroulette escapades (previous post):

It’s an old Halloween mask hanging on my couch. I would initiate a conversation by typing “Hi! It’s Death.” Some people were amused, some were freaked out, and the masturbators got to see their eventual demise…heh heh. When I got bored with that, I took an empty gas can and set it in front of my webcam. Once the other party realized what it was and gave a response (usually “dude set urself on fire!!!!!1”) I would grin maniacally and pretend to guzzle gasoline. Oh yes, I have too much time on my hands, and I am easily entertained.

Hope all’s well for my friends who are still in school. I wish you the best of luck in putting up with the weeks ahead.


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